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Safest and most dangerous British roads revealed New research by IntelligentCarLeasing.com shows the safety levels of vehicles across all UK counties based on ‘construction and use’ penalties applied in 2013.DVLA provided the number of these cases, which relate to the condition or use of a vehicle posing a dangerous risk to the driver and others, [...]

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It's great to be in Wales

Car service cost variations by region UK motorists pay £285m more for servicing by not shopping around according to research by What Car? which analysed costs for 10 of the most popular cars in the UK across eight regions.It found an average gap of £126 between the cheapest and most expensive services; Scottish and Welsh motorists [...]

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The right road

Rise in wheel alignment problems blamed on potholes New research from ICM of 2,000 adults found 12% say the steering on their cars pulls to one side or the other. Problem steering is most common amongst younger drivers with 25% of those under 34 saying that their car pulled to one side when driving on a straight [...]

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Reasons for rejction

£500,000 wasted on ‘silly’ MoT fails Motorists cost themselves almost £500,000 each year by allowing their cars to fail the first MoT test for some ridiculous reasons, including failing to clear out clutter and plastering stickers on the windscreen. Research by What Car? shows that nearly 4% of the 285,236 MoT test failures recorded between August 2012 [...]

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False economy

Delaying repairs can cost drivers more A poll of 2,000 motorists has revealed 43% of UK motorists drive vehicles that have some form of damage. Damaged bodywork was the most common issue, cited by more than half of motorists who admitted driving damaged cars. Cracked or chipped windscreens can in at 14%, then it was bald tyres [...]

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Do we really need it

Complex electronics sparking far more trouble for drivers Increasingly complex electronics are making cars more prone to expensive breakdowns say Warranty Direct. Electrical faults have increased by an astonishing two thirds over the last five years and are now the most common issue, with almost a quarter of covered vehicles (23%) needing a repair every year. It’s a [...]

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MOT discounts failing to deliver revenue Discounted MOTs attract the wrong type of customer and fail to generate additional revenue according to MOT warranty and service plan provider MOT Angel (MOTA). Analysis of 10,000 workshops revealed 72% of garages discount MOT prices from VOSA’s £54.85 maximum to a UK average MOT price of £45. 3% of workshops [...]

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Trotting Mare Garage announces new website launch

Trotting mare Garage are proud to be launching a brand new super responsive website. Please feel free to peruse the website and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us via email Contact Us .You can also call us on 01978 710435

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Trotting Mare is now ready to launch its 'News' to the world

Trotting Mare is now ready to launch its 'News' to the world. News is a great way to improve your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), generate more traffic and build your brand.To create a new news post, log into your control panel and go to Web content > News.

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