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Block exemption continued


IAAF calls on trade to highlight bad VM warranty practices

IAAF call for warranty examples

The IAAF is calling on members to get in touch when vehicle manufacturers and their dealers are wrongly informing motorists of their rights under block exemption regulations following a number of incidents.

The most recent concerned car maker Audi when GROUPAUTO’s Autocare Garage network manager, Maria McCullough, referred VAG dealer Liverpool Audi to the IAAF after the dealership told Audi A3 owner Mark Doyle that a timing belt problem would not be covered by the warranty because of the fitment of ‘a non-Audi oil filter’.

This prompted the IAAF’s Brian Spratt to contact the dealer’s service manager, Darren Blythe, and explain the rules surrounding illegal invalidation of warranties under the provisions of the EU Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation 461/2010. Following this intervention, the dealer reversed its original decision and was now fixing the timing belt issue under warranty and at no cost to Mr. Doyle.

After first circulating that story two weeks ago on Garage Wire we were contacted by Steven Cunningham who had a warranty claim rejected on new brake discs for a 2006 BMW M5 after vibration occurred. In this case the dealer accepted the discs were warped but said non genuine brake pads invalidated the warranty.

Again, whilst this case may appear more ambiguous than the filter example above, the IAAF’s Brian Spratt once again suggested the rejection was on shaky ground commenting: “The Regulations require the dealer to prove that the pads did, in fact, generate more heat than those they supply. It’s not simply a matter of them pointing a finger.”

Wendy Williamson, incoming IAAF chief executive, added, “We’re seeing an increase in incidents where motorists are being ill-informed and this could affect their decision to use the independent aftermarket in the future. It’s imperative the IAAF is made aware of this, who will respond quickly and efficiently in support of its members.”

You can let us know any details by email using the ‘More Details’ button below. We will pass on all comments to IAAF and report back where possible.

- See more at: http://garagewire.co.uk/news/associations/iaaf/iaaf-calls-trade-highlight-bad-vm-warranty-practices/#sthash.hzbBWCzO.dpuf

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