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Top 10 hated road habits shows a change at the top

Driving on phone tops most annoying motorist habits

Talking or texting behind the wheel is not only illegal, it’s now the nation’s most hated driving habit according to new research .

Tailgating, previously the number one most hated habit among motorists when the study was last conducted in 2010, now takes second place, cited by 42% of drivers as their motoring pet hate. Failing to indicate (35%), dangerous over-taking (30%) and middle lane cruisers (26%) complete the top five.

Besides being annoying, the habits are of course also dangerous. Research suggests drivers are four times more likely to have an accident using a mobile phone whilst driving.

This driving habit:
Using a mobile phone to talk or text  47%
Tailgating                                            42%

Failing to indicate                               35%

Dangerous overtaking                        30%
Middle lane cruisers                            26%
Last minute braking                            23% 
Undertaking                                         19%
Hesitant driving                                    12%
Being slow away from traffic lights      12%
Jumping the lights                                10%

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